Window Installations Reliably Carried out by Professionals in Bristol, Avon

Window installations should be completed by a highly skilled team of experienced tradesmen. At Somerglaze Windows Ltd, in Bristol, Avon, our dedicated window fitters take pride in offering complete flexibility. Utilising our skills and expertise, we provide the very best advice on installing windows that will suit your home perfectly – no matter its size, age, architectural style, or location.

Casement Windows

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Casement windows are our most popular and widely used window style! As they can be hinged at the top or at either side, they offer fantastic versatility. Offering our expert advice, our friendly specialists are on hand to help guide you towards choosing the perfect combination for your property. What’s more, all of our casement windows are made to measure.

The real beauty of our range of casement windows is that each unit can be adapted in any combination to suit any home or individual space. You can specify exactly what combination of casement panes you want to fill your window space, choosing from a huge array of sizes, styles, colours, and finishes. Once you have picked the windows you want, you can leave the rest of the hard work to our professional window fitters.

Features and Benefits

  • Made to Measure to Your Exact Requirements
  • Key Double Locking Handles in a Range of Colours
  • Egress Hinges for Emergency Escape
  • Optional Child Restrictors
  • Fully Compliant with the Latest Building Regulations
  • Full Choice of Colours Available
  • A or B Energy Rated
  • Full Range of Glazing Options: Diamond Lead, Georgian Bar, Astragal Bar, Bevels, and Stained Glass

Bay Windows

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Bay and bow windows are an attractive feature to any property! Replace your existing bay windows, while making sure that its style and opening is retained, by calling upon our specialists. We are capable of converting a flat casement window into a bow bay window, adding immediate and significant character to your property.

Bay windows are ideal for making any room feel larger. They are created by using regular fully reinforced window frames that are linked together by means of structural bay pole assembly kits or reinforced corner posts. The external sill, which the frames sit on, is welded together to produce one shaped sill beneath all the frames.

Building regulations state that all bay windows are load-bearing windows. In these situations, we use our unique load-bearing bay jack supports to ensure we comply with the regulations. A bow window can be created without the need for building regulations. A flat-to-bow window has the identical frame assembly as a standard bay window but with a selection of a new roof and base.

Residence 9

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The real alternative to timber windows! The Residence 9 window system combines modern technology with traditional design and can be used in conservation areas instead of timber. Here at Somerglaze Windows Ltd, we have followed strict guidelines to ensure sightlines and structures are so similar to timber they will be passed by your local authority.

Available in 7 woodgrain finishes, it looks and feels like timber. Alternatively, it is available in a smooth grey colour that replicates an aluminium finish.

The composite window is 100mm and contains nine chambers. This enables the window to achieve the best energy rating available today. Using 44mm triple glazing, the whole window can achieve a magnificent U value of 0.8 W/m2k.

Sash Windows

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  • Sash windows - Somerglaze Windows Ltd

Match your existing timber windows perfectly with our choice of traditional sliding sash windows. They are designed in a way that captivates all the finest points of the traditional design. This advanced, precision-engineered window system allows you to relish the refined style of the Georgian and Victorian period, with all of the performance benefits of PVCu resources from the modern day.

The PVCu variety equals the aesthetic appeal, though offers superior performance and maintenance benefits. Weights and pulleys are replaced by sophisticated spring and spiral balances, as well as a unique tilt facility to both upper and lower sashes. This enables cleaning to be carried out safely from inside the room.

Our sash windows are very low maintenance, and each comes with energy-efficient glazing and a weatherproof seal. This allows you to save money on your heating bills while never having to experience drafts, rattles, or jams again.

Features and Benefits

  • Tilt restrictors to both sashes and spring and spiral balances safeguard a smooth and safe operation and will stay in the chosen open position.
  • Ergonomically styled sash lifts, pole eyes are used for the sliding operation of the sashes safely. D handles are also available.
  • Key locking sash locks for extra security and peace of mind.
  • Slim line and inconspicuous child restrictors can be fitted to limit the opening of the bottom and top sash to 100mm.
  • Colour co-ordinated tilt knobs.
  • Internal glazed, improving security as standard.
  • Fully compliant with the latest building regulations.
  • A or B energy rated.
  • Full choice of frame colours, including white and woodgrain effects. Also woodgrain effects on white.
  • We can replicate any glass design with our authentic astragal bar.

French Windows

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Ensure the view from your window is not spoilt by central vertical frame member by having our French windows fitted. Each unit comprises a pair of PVCu French windows that open outwards. It results in a large open space that offers uninterrupted vistas and improved air flow. They also provide an alternative escape route from inside to outside.

Similar to French doors, these windows are perfect for the warm summer months as they allow you to bring the great outdoors into your home. They are often used by homeowners who want to fill their rooms with light and warmth. With these windows, you can rest assured knowing that no insulation will be lost and they will keep your property energy efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • Made to Measure to Your Exact Requirements
  • Key Double Locking Handles in a Range of Colours
  • Egress Hinges for Emergency Escape
  • Optional Child Restrictors
  • Fully Compliant with the Latest Building Regulations
  • Full Choice of Colours Available
  • A or B Energy Rated
  • Full Range of Glazing Options: Diamond Lead, Georgian Bar, Astragal Bar, Bevels, and Stained Glass

Tilt & Turn Windows

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  • Window - Somerglaze Windows Ltd

The tilt and turn window is perfectly versatile and can be used all year round. They offer plenty of light and fresh air during the summer months while providing excellent insulation and gentle ventilation in the winter.

To make the window tilt inwards and open at the top to provide ventilation, simply turn the handle once. This setting allows you to avoid an obstruction or hazard by opening the window wide. If you were to close the window and turn the handle upwards, the window will open inwards from the side. This offers a large, open space with great airflow – letting the outdoors come into your home.

Tilt and turn windows are great for reaching every part of the glazing during cleaning. It’s incredibly easy to maintain and very popular among busy homeowners. No matter how high off the ground your window is set, you’ll be able to reach out from the inside and carry out cleaning at no worry or expense. This makes it the perfect window for those who are unable to opt for an open-out window due to space restrictions.

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